We are less focused on final outcomes, instead, we encourage research-based investigations whether it be theoretical, material or formal.

We also don’t ask for detailed proposals or project schedules during the application process because we believe projects and ideas should be informed by spending time here. This is why longer residency periods of two to three months are encouraged.


In-situ residents will have 24/7 access to a large 2000 sq/ft shared studio which includes dedicated work areas, a communal conference desk, lounge area, toilets, and a basic pantry for cooking. There is fast WIFI found throughout the studio and a projector available. 



In-situ artist residency program provides:

  • 24/7 access to art studio

  • Organization and promotion of Artist Talk and Open Studios

  • Exposure of resident’s work to wider audience

  • Advice on production and material sourcing.

  • A network of local artists and art professionals 

  • Information about latest gallery openings and events.

  • Customised gallery tours

  • Documenting and promoting resident activity via social media and website.

  • Orientation to neighbourhood

  • Advice on things to do in Hong Kong



  • Cost of materials, daily living, flights, and accommodation.



  • Residents are highly encouraged to give an artist’s talk at the beginning of their residency to introduce their artistic practice and conclude their time at In-situ with an Open Studio to showcase their research and work. All works and copyright created at the residency will belong to the creator. 

  • Residency staff are here as facilitators and we would be happy to guide you in the right direction however we cannot become directly involved as research and project assistants. Residents are expected to be able to create work, travel, and live self-sufficiently and be in good physical health and mental condition.

  • Resident are expected to leave the studio the same way they found it including shipping their work back home unless arrangements have been made with residency staff. 



In-situ operates as an independent artist-run space. The program fee meets the minimal cost of running a residency program in Hong Kong. Residency length is 1-3 months (full calendar months only and begins on the 1st of each month). For current program fee, please email: john@insituresidency.com


15 Yuk Yat Street, Shun Wai Industrial Building 9/F Unit C. To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong.

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