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In-situ Spring and Summer 2019 Artist Residency Open Call (February-August)

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

insitu artist residency open call

Open Call

In-situ aims to support international emerging and mid-career artists and designers whose practice can benefit from spending time in Hong Kong. Applicants from all art and design backgrounds and any nationalities are welcome to apply. Academics, scholars, and curators may also apply. Nonetheless, In-situ hopes its applicants can take advantage of the studio space and woodshop facilities. In-situ does not provide accommodation but we are glad to make recommendations for affordable housing in the neighborhood.


In-situ is Latin for "in place". Our aim is to support artists with an experimental art practice. We are less focused on the final outcome, but rather, on the process of making, and of discovery. We also don’t ask for detailed project proposals, budgets, or schedules during the application process because we believe projects and ideas should be informed after spending time here, "in-situ".

Hong Kong Artist Residency

In-situ is based in the energetic metropolis of Hong Kong. Known for its iconic skyscrapers and fast-paced lifestyle, Hong Kong is a modern international city that is still deeply rooted in its Chinese cultural heritage. As a top travel destination in Asia, Hong Kong is a very easy city for international visitors to explore given its world-class public transit system, walkability, and wide use of English.​ As an influential art hub in the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong hosts the Art Basel art fair, many prominent art galleries, and the M+ Museum. We regularly organize artist talks, open studios, introductions to local artists and art professionals, and keep residents updated with the latest gallery openings and cultural events.

Program Fee Given studio rent and accommodation costs in Hong Kong are amongst the highest in the world, we strive to keep the program fee to a minimum to cover basic operating costs and to allow for artists to budget for their accommodation. In-situ operates as an independent artist-run space, with one full time staff, and an artists collective whom also contributes their time and energy.

For current program fees, please contact John:


1-3 months (Full calendar months beginning on the 1st of every month).

Number of Participants

1-3 per month.

Artist Residency Support

  • 24/7 access to co-working space and communal wood shop

  • Organization and promotion of Artist Talk and Open Studios

  • Exposure of resident’s work to wider audience

  • Advice on production and material sourcing.

  • A network of local artists and art professionals

  • Information about latest gallery openings and events.

  • Customized gallery tours

  • Documenting and promoting resident activity via social media and website.

  • Orientation to neighborhood

  • Advice on things to do in Hong Kong

Residents Are Responsible For

  • Cost of materials, food, flights, travel insurance, accommodation and visa (If required, but generally not needed)

Expectation from Residents

Residents are highly encouraged to give an artist’s talk at the beginning of their residency to introduce their artistic practice and conclude their time at In-situ with an Open Studio to showcase their research and work


Make sure to read all the details on the website before applying.

Click here for: Online Application Form

For More Info

Please visit our website:

For additional questions please contact John:


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